City of Cranbrook Launches Cityviz as Public Data Portal on Choose Cranbrook

Written by Izabela Bogdanovic

May 17, 2021

Finding out how many people live in certain neighbourhood in Cranbrook or how many people moved to this community last year is easy to find with just one click. 

Residents, business owners, potential investors and developers regularly have questions like these. Now they can use Cityviz to get answers. We have compiled many of those answers from reliable, trusted sources (Statistics Canada, BC Stats, CMHC and others) in an easy to understand, visual format that puts the fun in data. The Cityviz data portal for City of Cranbrook can be found on Choose Cranbrook – the City’s economic development website at, or directly at

Data is a great tool for innovation and development. This is our dashboard for our community and will help residents, stakeholders and City staff make informed and educated decisions. This is an important first step for us to achieving open data.

Darren Brewer

Business Development Manager, City of Cranbrook

We are very excited about the possibilities of modern technologies together with the wealth of data available to create solutions for the good of our communities. We are very grateful to work with COEDC and hope to help decision makers further develop our district. Listening to the challenges municipalities face and adapting our solutions to their specific needs is our priority and we are looking forward to helping many more communities throughout Canada
Izabela Bogdanovic

Chief Executive Officer, Ruby Industries Inc.

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