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CityViz Economic Development Data Portal seen on various devices

CityViz Data Portal

Dedicated data portal tailored to meet all your community’s economic development needs. 

Business Landscape indicators in Demographic Dashboard widget - CityViz Economic Development Data Portal

Demographic Dashboard

Drive economic development by informed decision-making, supporting strategic planning efforts, attracting investment, promoting economic diversification, guiding resource allocation, and measuring progress towards shared goals. 

Commercial listings widget on CityViz economic development data portal website

Commercial Listings

With our widget, you can enhance the visibility of commercial listings, attract prospective tenants and buyers, and catalyze investment in your community like never before.

Economic Indicators Dashboard on CityViz economic development data portal website

Economic Indicators Dashboard

Simplify data access, enable timely decision-making, facilitate visual storytelling, support evidence-based policy, foster stakeholder engagement, and monitor performance. 

CityViz Market Research tool for economic development

Location Analytics

Identify opportunities, inform strategic decision-making, and drive positive economic outcomes that benefit businesses, residents, and stakeholders alike.


Optimize transportation systems, facilitate trade and commerce, improve access to markets and employment opportunities, and foster inclusive and resilient communities that thrive in an interconnected global economy.

Custom integration of MLS listings of commercial properties and land for sale or lease into CityViz economic development data portal

Custom Data Integrations

Tailored solutions provide access to diverse data sources, enhanced data quality and accuracy, real-time data updates, customizable user experiences, and scalability and flexibility to support evolving needs and priorities.