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Explore demographic trends, workforce dynamics, housing statistics, and business landscapes, all at the neighborhood level. With customizable filters and indicators, the Location Analytics widget is your essential partner in strategic planning and market analysis.

CityViz Market Research tool for economic development with business location markers

Demographics, workforce, housing

  • Interactive Community Map: A dynamic, user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate through communities and regions with ease, providing a visual representation of the area’s economic and social landscape.
  • Demographic Indicators: Delve into the community’s heart with detailed data on population age, distribution, density, and growth trends, offering a foundational understanding of the local populace.
  • Workforce Indicators: Access invaluable information on employment rates, workforce qualifications, industry sectors, and more, empowering you with a comprehensive overview of the local labor market.
  • Housing Indicators: Explore in-depth data on housing types, ownership rates, property values, and construction trends, providing a clear picture of the local real estate market and living conditions.
CityViz Market Research tool for economic development with business counts by industry based on NAICS codes


  • Business Counts by Industry: Discover the economic pulse of the community with detailed statistics on the number of businesses, categorized by industry sector, size, and growth trends, offering insights into the entrepreneurial spirit and economic health of the area.
  • Existing Business and Establishment Markers: Visualize the commercial landscape with location markers for existing businesses and establishments, categorized by industry, enhancing your understanding of the competitive environment and market opportunities.
  • Neighborhood-Level Precision: Each indicator and data point is available at the neighborhood level, offering granular insights and a precise understanding of community dynamics.
  • Customizable Filters and Search Criteria: Tailor your research and analysis by applying various indicators and value ranges as filters, allowing you to pinpoint neighborhoods that meet your specific criteria and strategic goals.

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CityViz Location Analytics Widget

Your ultimate tool for in-depth market analysis and strategic planning. Explore demographic, workforce, housing, and business statistics down to the neighborhood level, all customizable with intuitive filters.