Dive into CityViz Transportation Network website widget, an essential tool for visualizing key transportation networks. Enhance your logistics and connectivity strategies with interactive maps and data, vital for informed decision-making and growth planning.

Transportation website widget - distsances and driving times to major transportation hubs

Access to Major Transportation Hubs

Visualize driving times and distances to urban centers, transportation hubs, and economic hotspots for strategic logistical planning and connectivity analysis. This feature allows businesses and investors to assess the efficiency and reach of road networks, crucial for optimizing supply chains and distribution routes.

Transportation website widget - direct flight connections from nearest airports

Flight Connections

Showcase global and domestic reach with maps highlighting direct flight routes from nearby airports, illustrating your community’s accessibility. Understanding flight connections is vital for industries relying on quick and efficient air transport, helping to attract businesses that depend on international and domestic travel.

Transportation website widget - railway network with freight and intermodal terminals

Railway Network

Understand freight and passenger transport options with detailed maps of local railway connections, including major intermodal terminals. This layer provides insights into the rail infrastructure supporting economic activities, which is essential for heavy industries and large-scale manufacturing that require robust rail connectivity.

Transportation website widget - access to ports with ports technical information

Ports and Their Capacity

Explore maritime gateways with maps detailing port locations and attributes, crucial for assessing the role of maritime transport in economic growth. Highlighting ports’ capacities and their connectivity to global shipping routes helps attract investors in the import-export sector and businesses reliant on maritime logistics.

Enhancing Community Accessibility

By integrating these transportation insights, our widget showcases your community’s accessibility and connectivity, making it an attractive destination for businesses and investors. The comprehensive data provided helps in making informed decisions about site selection, investment opportunities, and economic development strategies.

Economic Trust of the Southern Interior (ETSI-BC) logo on CityViz

"We are delighted to be partnering with Cityviz on this Regional Data Platform. Regional data can assist elected officials and local government staff to make better decisions in other areas as well." 

Laurel Douglas, CEO, Economic Trust of the Southern Interior

Logistics & Transportation Gallery

CityViz Logistics & Transportation Widget

Logistics widget is your comprehensive solution for visualizing and understanding the transportation networks and connectivity of your community or region.

With its detailed maps and strategic insights into driving times, flight connections, railway and road networks, isochrones, and ports, this tool equips you with the data needed for advanced planning, investment attraction, and infrastructural development. 

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