Economic Dependencies Dashboard

A New Era of Economic Insights

CityViz introduces the Economic Dependencies Dashboard (EDD), with Economic Trust of the Southern Interior (ETSI-BC) as the first adopter. This innovative tool offers insights into advanced economic indicators and comprehensive economic dependencies analysis for the Southern Interior of British Columbia. Explore how EDD can help you understand economic vulnerabilities, track employment trends, assess industry performance, and enhance your community’s profile for investors.

Key Questions EDD Can Answer

  • How vulnerable is my community to economic downturns in key sectors?
  • Who is employing our residents, and how is that changing over time?
  • Which industries are performing above or below expectations?
  • How diverse is our local economy?
  • How is our population changing compared to neighboring communities?
  • How can potential investors understand and engage with our community?
  • What makes our community unique economically?

Key Features

AI-Powered Key Insights

Automated interpretations of trends and changes across regions and local areas powered by AI.

Easy Benchmarking

Easily benchmark regions and areas against both regional and provincial averages.

Contextual Navigation

Intuitive switching between topics and indicators and dynamic charts for seamless data exploration.

Learn how to deploy the economic dependencies  dashboard for your community or region, book a demo or contact us.

Visit ETSI-BC EDD to explore the dashboard, or read more on our Economic Dependencies Dashboard blog post.