Demographic Dashboard

Dynamic community profile tool, user-friendly and embeddable, designed for Canadian municipal and regional economic development organizations.

  • Seamlessly integrated into your website matching your branding and colours
  • Data automatically always kept up to date by our CityViz data solution
  • Interactive tools offering different views (e.g. full screen view)
  • Offers a comprehensive snapshot of vital community data
  • Designed for Canadian municipal and regional economic development organizations.

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Dive into the community’s demographic details with our Population feature. Gain insights into the age distribution, population growth trends, and density figures, equipping stakeholders with a deep understanding of the area’s demographic dynamics.

Socio-economic Indicators

Explore the economic landscape with the Socio-economic Indicators feature. Uncover vital data such as employment rates, income brackets, and educational levels, painting a comprehensive picture of the community’s economic health and workforce capabilities.

Family Characteristics

Examine the social fabric of the community with the Family Characteristics feature. This section provides a detailed look at family compositions, sizes, marital statuses, and parenting trends, offering a holistic view of the community’s social structure.


Navigate the housing sector and access crucial information on housing types, ownership rates, property values, and construction trends, aiding stakeholders in making informed decisions in housing and urban development.


Get insights into commuting patterns and transportation infrastructure with the Transportation feature. This section highlights the efficiency of local transportation systems and how residents interact with their environment.

Business Counts

Tap into the local economic pulse with the Business Counts feature. Discover the number of businesses, industry sectors, size categories, and growth statistics, offering a clear perspective on the community’s economic landscape and business environment.