CityViz Data Portal

CityViz Economic Development Data Portal is a comprehensive, customizable solution that consolidates relevant economic data from multiple sources into a single, constantly updated platform. It is an essential tool for investment attraction, talent acquisition, policy making, and much more.

Centralized Data Repository

Access a vast array of up-to-date economic data from various sources, all consolidated in one convenient location for ease of analysis and decision-making.

Admin Area for Comprehensive Management

Manage customizable sections of the data portal, run detailed reports, and more, all from a dedicated admin area designed for efficiency and control.

Customizable Data and Content

Personalize your portal with customizable pages and content, ensuring that the data and presentation align perfectly with your organization’s specific requirements and objectives.

Diverse Use Cases

Employ the portal across a multitude of scenarios, including investment and talent attraction, policymaking, market research, strategic planning, and grant application processes, effectively addressing a broad spectrum of organizational needs and use cases.

Aligned Branding

Tailored appearance of the portal to reflect your organization’s branding guidelines, offering a consistent and professional look across all platforms.

Data Update Notifications

Stay informed with automatic notifications for subscribed users, ensuring that you’re always aware of the latest data updates and trends.

Downloadable Custom Reports

Generate custom reports with data specifically chosen to meet your needs and export them conveniently into PDF, Word, or PowerPoint formats for diverse applications.

Client Data Integration

Upload your own data, customize dashboards and reports, and harness the power of tailored analytics to gain unique insights pertinent to your organization’s needs.

Includes Full Suite of Data Tools

Benefit from a full subscription that includes standalone data portal and all embeddable widgets such as Community Profile, Market Research, Logistics, and more, seamlessly integrating into your organization’s website.