Custom Data Integrations

Our platform seamlessly incorporates diverse datasets, providing tailored visualizations and analyses that cater to the specific needs of municipalities, economic development agencies, and business strategists. Explore the depths of tourism analytics, real estate opportunities, and up-to-the-minute building permit updates and more, all within the CityViz ecosystem.

Custom integration of MLS listings of commercial properties and land for sale or lease into CityViz economic development data portal

MLS Commercial Listings Integration via Spacelist

Features: Access a detailed array of commercial real estate listings, featuring contact details of listing agents, extensive floor plans, and interactive maps.

Importance: This integration is a game-changer for land development and investment attraction efforts. Stakeholders gain immediate access to crucial real estate information, streamlining the process of finding suitable properties for business expansion, relocation, or new ventures. The comprehensive data supports informed decision-making, enhances transparency in the real estate market, and fosters smoother transactions and strategic planning.

Custom integration of building permits licencing data into CityViz economic development data portal

Building Permits

Features: Benefit from real-time updates and visualizations of building permit data, including the number and value of licenses issued by local governments and planning departments.

Importance: The value of real-time data in the context of building permits cannot be overstated. For developers, investors, and planners, having instant access to this data means being able to quickly adapt to market trends, regulatory changes, and development opportunities. It enables proactive decision-making, efficient allocation of resources, and a deeper understanding of the local construction and development landscape.

Custom integration of local tourism data into CityViz economic development data portal

Locally Collected Tourism Data

Features: Dive deep into the heart of local tourism with our meticulously collected data, encompassing a wide array of crucial metrics. This includes detailed records of Municipal Tax collected from tourism-related activities, hotel occupancy rates, the number of visitors to key attractions, and passenger traffic at local airports, among others. This rich dataset offers a multifaceted view of the tourism sector’s impact on the local economy.

Importance: The integration of locally collected tourism data is invaluable for a comprehensive understanding of the tourism landscape. For municipal councils, tourism boards, and economic development departments, this data serves as the cornerstone for Strategic Planning and Development, Economic Impact Analysis, Resource Allocation and Policy Making, Market Positioning and Promotion.

Custom integration of TELUS Insights tourism data into CityViz economic development data portal

TELUS Insights Tourism Data

Features: Engage with a wealth of tourism data, including the monthly number of visitors, unique and total trip counts, length of stay, and visitor origins at the municipal, provincial, and country levels.

Importance: This rich dataset is indispensable for local councils, tourism organizations, and economic development departments. It provides a clear, comprehensive view of tourism trends, highlighting the significant influx of potential customers beyond the usual residents. By understanding visitor behaviors and patterns, stakeholders can make informed decisions on infrastructure, services, and promotional strategies, attracting not just tourists but also businesses seeking to tap into a larger customer base.

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CityViz transforms raw data into strategic insights

With custom integrations like TELUS Insights for tourism analytics, MLS listings for real estate opportunities, and real-time building permit updates, we empower stakeholders with the information they need to drive growth, attract investment, and plan for the future.