Cityviz New Release & More

Written by Izabela Bogdanovic

March 23, 2022

We want to share with you some exciting news, updates, and upcoming events.

1️⃣ The most important news is that Cityviz version 1.3.3. has been released 🥳 and is currently active. Here are the new features:

Tourism insights

Support for integration of TELUS Insights data has been added, to provide insights into number of unique visitors (by province, country, length of stay, etc). The new dataset provides great opportunity for business attraction, as well as evidence-based decision making in the tourism sector.

You can see it in action at City of Cranbrook data portal.

Tourism insights

Average Rent and Vacancy Rates economic indicators

New economic indicators

New Vacancy Rates indicator has been added for urban areas with population of 10,000 and over.

Also, Average Rent indicator on the dashboard has been updated to include the trend line chart for the same areas.

Business Counts 2021

Business Counts data has been updated to include the most recent data for 2021. The quick fact shows the difference in business counts between 2021 and 2020.

More charts will be included on this page in the next releases to allow analysis of business count changes based on business size and NAICS codes.

Business Counts 2021

Print-quality images in PDF, PowerPoint and Word reports

Print-quality images in PowerPoint and Word reports

Image quality in report downloads in PDF, PowerPoint and Word reports has been improved to 300dpi, which is print quality, to produce crisp charts for your reports.

A reminder that these reports can use the template files, so it is possible to align them better with your branding. By default, it includes your organization logo in the page footer.

Labour Market Outlook up to 2031

The Labour Market Outlook dataset has been updated with the forecasted job openings by industry and occupation at the Economic Region level, high-opportunity occupations and B.C. labour force supply composition by 2013.

Would you like to learn more about what Cityviz can do to support your economic development efforts? Email us to book a free demo, or book directly using our 🗓 shared calendar


Technology and Innovation Key Business Award

Technology and Innovation Key Business Award

We have been awarded a Key Business Award 2021 by the Greater Westside Board of Trade in the Technology and Innovation category.

We are honoured to have been recognized in the business community for our efforts and contribution to support economic development efforts with our data products and services in these pivotal times.

📣 Speaking at BC Economic Summit 2022

Sasha Bogdanovic will be speaking at the BC Economic Summit 2022 on April 5th, at 1:15 PM, session “Into the Great Wide Open: Data and Economic Development”. It will be a joint session with Martin Monkman, Provincial Statistician and Director at BC Stats. Hope to see you there.

We will also have some surprises, so stay tuned.

💡Did you know

You can subscribe to data update notifications on Cityviz data portals to receive email notifications when exsiting datasets are updated and new datasets get added to the portal. The subscribe form is in the footer, visible on any page throughout the portal. You can also run reports in Admin area to see current subscribers that are receiving these notifications.

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