Cranbrook, BC Tourism Data

City of Cranbrook uses CityViz to use tourism data to drive strategic decisions and attract investment


City of Cranbrook wanted to know the volume of visitors in the city and in the region with the following goals:

  • Attract new and support existing businesses by showcasing business opportunities with actual customer base, much larger than the residents of Cranbrook.
  • Make evidence-based decisions for the development of the tourism sector by knowing where visitors are coming from and how long they stay.
  • Learn how many people are visiting Kootenay region (within 2-hour drive), but not visiting Cranbrook, and understand the need to create the content to attract them to the city.



The City collected a wealth of tourism data, both collected internally and purchased TELUS Insights data and wanted to integrate it it into its CityViz economic development data portal.

We created custom module within CityViz to visualize this rich dataset and enabled economic developers and decision makers with the tools they need to further the tourism sector in Cranbrook.



The results of the implementation of tourism related data, along with other measures, contributed to the overall growth of the tourism sector in the City of Cranbrook:

  •  The City of Cranbrook uses tourism data to attract businesses and investment by showcasing the opportunity to create content for its visitors.
  • Cranbrook used this data to make strategic decisions and create documents like Tourism Master Plan and other key documents.

CityViz provided Cranbrook with the practical and efficient solution to leverage our tourism data.

The platform’s ability to integrate and visualize TELUS Insights, MRDT, hotel occupancy, airport passengers, and enabled us to strategically utilize this information, directly impacting our Tourism Master Plan and other key documents. The tourism data visualizations provide benefits we use to attract businesses and investments showcasing the number of visitors in the City throughout the year, positively impacting our local economy and tourism sector.

Darren Brewer

Economic Development Officer, City of Cranbrook