Downloading PDF Reports in Cityviz

Cityviz modules - report builder

Written by Izabela Bogdanovic

October 11, 2021

Cityviz modules - report builder

Very often economic development officers are asked for a report, or need to present in front of various audience, like city council, investors, site selectors and others. Compiling these reports can be very time-consuming, depending on the data required, and it also takes some technical knowledge if these reports need to be supported by charts and graphs.

Cityviz cuts this time significantly. Using Cityviz Report Builder module, it is possible to generate reports in various formats (currently PDF and Microsoft Word™, and Microsoft PowerPoint™ coming soon).

Users need to select from the dropdown the datasets to be included in the report. The datasets are grouped into categories (population, labour force, housing, real estate) for easier use. Reports generated in Cityviz include a dedicated visualization for each selected dataset, as well as a brief highlights.

If the reports is downloaded in Microsoft Word™ format, the users can further edit the report and add their own analysis or write-up as required for the particular scenario, and then export to PDF if needed.

Book your Cityviz demo session to let us know about the challenges you face in cases like this, and to see how Cityviz reduces the time to produce the reports significantly and creates beautiful data visualizations at the same time, that are easy to understand.


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