Economic Trust of The Southern Interior (ETSI-BC) wanted to deploy a data portal at a regional level to support the economic development efforts of communities and Regional Districts in the region. The goal was to find a data visualization tool which features key economic data for each of the nine Regional Districts in the area serviced by ETSI-BC. This data portal would provide the following:

  • Validate their own investments in communities and Regional Districts in the region
  • Support funding applications (i.e. growing population may justify a new pool)
  • Provide relevant data to attract investors and developers (i.e. seniors housing)
  • Support private sector businesses seeking a new location with specific demographics.


ETSI-BC conducted a thorough research and comparison of available data platforms for economic development that would suit their needs.

Cityviz was recognized as in ideal solution to help the organization meet their goal. ETSI-BC partnered with Ruby Industries Inc. on the deployment of Cityviz Regional Business Profile edition, featuring statistics by Regional District on demographics, labour force, businesses, industries, agriculture operations and real estate transactions.


The ETSI-BC organization and region as a whole benefit from using Cityviz in multiple ways:

  • Local and regional governments got a tool that will help them grow their local economy by attracting new talent, investment and businesses to their regions. Cityviz provides timely and relevant economic data, which is a paramount for those making relocation and investment decisions.
  • The organization provided a solutions that is a complement to community-based information.
  • Developers and investors got a tool that helps them understand the dynamics of a business catchment area as well as of a specific community.

We are delighted to be partnering with Cityviz on this Regional Data Platform. Regional data can assist elected officials and local government staff to make better decisions in other areas as well.

The mandate of ETSI-BC is to support the economy of the Southern Interior to grow and diversify. We hope our new Regional Data Platform is of value to you, our stakeholders, and we look forward to your feedback.

Laurel Douglas

CEO, Economic Trust of the Southern Interior