Major Projects Inventory added to Cityviz

Major Projects Inventory added to Cityviz

Written by Izabela Bogdanovic

October 18, 2021

Major Projects Inventory added to Cityviz

We have added Major Projects Inventory dataset to Cityviz. It is a great addition as it showcases the level of investment currently going on in the community. The listing shows name, description and location of the project, as well as the developer name and estimated cost. Included are also current status and estimated start date and date of the completion of the project.

Apart from standard data provided by the B.C. provincial government, organizations using Cityviz  have also the possibility to add any projects not included in the original list by simply uploading a CSV file in the Cityviz admin area.

The standard dataset includes projects with a capital cost of at least $20 million each within the Lower Mainland and at least $15 million in the rest of B.C.

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