Venture Kamloops Uses Cityviz to Support Economic Growth

Cityviz at Venture Kamloops

Written by Izabela Bogdanovic

May 17, 2022

Data and key statistics are critical tools for companies and organizations planning for growth as businesses recover from the pandemic, so Venture Kamloops is launching a new data visualization tool to help. The user-friendly portal powered by Cityviz makes information, research and analysis instantly accessible to community stakeholders and businesses seeking data to make informed decisions.

Venture Kamloops is the economic development agency for the City of Kamloops. A core service of the organization is providing online data tools that place the area firmly on the map for business retention, expansion and investment.

Delivering comprehensive information about our community in unique ways that is current, user-friendly and relevant is an ongoing objective in the Venture Kamloops 2019-2023 Strategic Plan. These informative key economic indicators that detail trends affecting the business climate of Kamloops and the surrounding region also help Venture Kamloops measure the growth in the city. Highlights include:

  • Demographics;
  • Labour force;
  • Businesses;
  • Housing & Real estate;

and more!

The information on this site is continually refreshed as soon as new data comes available.

Those interested in the VK Economic Data Centre can access the online portal for community data by visiting:

Cityviz at Venture Kamloops

Developing and communicating our inventory of key building blocks that drive Kamloops’ economic sustainability and growth has always been a popular essential service on the Venture Kamloops website. The need for the most up-to-date information is even more important now in a post-pandemic environment. Implementing the Cityviz data portal is giving our clients even more direct access to this insight.

Jim Anderson

Executive Director, Venture Kamloops

We are excited for the opportunity to work with Venture Kamloops to support the growth of the economy in the City of Kamloops and the region. Cityviz data portal will help policy makers and businesses make evidence-based decisions, by drawing insights from the Kamloops community and investment profile. A massive amount of data is pulled from various data sources and always kept up to date. This will also help economic development officers focus more on the business aspect instead of data collection and processing.
Izabela Bogdanovic

Chief Executive Officer, Ruby Industries Inc.

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