Cityviz modules

Modular Structure

Modular strucutre of the application allows clients to pick and choose the modules they need to establish a powerful tool for business and investment attraction


Some modules include admin area which clients can use to customize the application by enabling or disabled desired features and sections of Cityviz.

Community Profile

Full picture of census data

Community Profile module is based on census data. It includes a vast amount of data (full census data coverage), with visualizations grouped into three categories: Population, Labour Force and Housing.

Each category contains a number of subtopics.

Census population profile
CityViz investment profile

Investment Profile

Economic indicators

Investment profile is a set of Economic Indicators presented in a dashboard for a high-level view of the state of the economy, and the demographic picture.

In addition, the module contains a dedicated page for each of the relevant topics like business, housing, tourism, environment, climate and more.

The data is updated monthly.

Real Estate

Monthly sales stats

Real Estate module includes the time series data of number and volume of sales transactions by different property types types (residential, commercial, farms and acreages, recreational), as well as mean and median sales price, newly built homes and first-time home buyers.

Data in this module is updated monthly.

The module can optionally include currently active commercial real estate listings (third-party plugin).

CityViz showing mean and median sales price of real estate
CityViz Explorer module for market research and site selection


Market research and site selection

Explorer tool is a combination of Site Selection and Market Research functions. It lets users plot different layers of demographic and industry data on top of each other.

It facilitates uncovering business opportunities by identifying areas with high demand and low supply for the product or service.

Report Builder

Custom PDF/Word/PowerPoint reports

Report builder module allows users to build custom reports by selecting the relevant datasets to be included in the report.

Generated reports include data visualizations for each dataset, as well as a brief analysis. The report can be generated in PDF and Microsoft Word formats, as well as exported to Excel spreadsheets. Reports in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint format can further be customized by adding write-ups to extend included analysis.

PDF population report generated by CityViz economic development data portal

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