We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Economic Dependencies Dashboard (EDD), with ETSI-BC as our first adopter. This innovative tool, available at EDD ETSI-BC, empowers users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the economy in the Southern Interior region of British Columbia.

What is the Economic Dependencies Dashboard?

The Economic Dependencies Dashboard is an economic visualization tool designed to provide insights into the economic landscape of the Southern Interior region, covering:

  • The Southern Interior Region of BC
  • Eight regional districts within the Southern Interior
  • Thirty-two local areas (census metropolitan areas) in the Southern Interior
Economic Dependancies Dashboard - regional economic profile with AI-powered key insights

Key Questions EDD Can Answer:

  • How vulnerable is my community to economic downturns in key sectors?
  • Who is employing our residents, and how is that changing over time?
  • Which industries are performing above or below expectations?
  • How diverse is our local economy?
  • How is our population changing compared to neighboring communities?
  • How can potential investors understand and engage with our community?
  • What makes our community unique economically?

EDD Key Features:

  • AI-powered Key Insights: This section interprets the underlying data and provides key insights into trends and changes across the range of regional districts or local areas.
  • Improved User Experience with Contextual Navigation: A sentence provides context, with dropdowns for topic, indicator, and region or local area. Changing the topic updates the indicators dropdown by populating it with relevant indicators. Any change in dropdown selection automatically refreshes the charts to reflect the current context/selection.

Why the Economic Dependencies Dashboard is Essential:

EDD combines Statistics Canada Census data (2016 and 2021) with the BC Stats macroeconomic model, offering a powerful and easy-to-use interface. With features like drop-down menus, printable graphics, and easy comparisons, EDD provides advanced indicators and a snapshot of changes over five years. Users can download raw data for custom analyses, making it a versatile tool for economic development practitioners, local governments, and the general public.


ETSI-BC: An Early Adopter of the Economic Dependencies Dashboard

ETSI-BC’s adoption of EDD highlights their commitment to leveraging innovative tools for economic development. They set a precedent for other regional organizations to deploy the dashboard, making it a cornerstone for understanding and responding to economic dynamics in their communities.

We invite you to explore the Economic Dependencies Dashboard and see how it can help you understand and respond to the economic dynamics of your community.

Implement EDD for your community

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